Shayla is at once a nurturing and a vengeful God. She believes in protecting what’s yours, but she also holds to the belief that all evil deeds should be severely punished.

Her clergy, The Church of Shayla, are the sole religion in Bretalon and also holds a leading role in the day-to-day affairs of governing. In most people’s eyes the church has as much power and is as important as the king himself.

Followers of Shalya are collectively known as Shaylatites. People are rased to believe that both doing good deeds and doing as the authorities tells you to will add a stone to your name in the afterlife, while willfully evil deeds will wash them away. When your life is ended your stones will form a bridge over the chasm of nothingness and toward the realms of Shalya where life ever after awaits. Those without enough stones will fade into nothingness and agony, forever forgotten by all of Creation.

The symbol of Shalya is a disproportioned star above a bowl. Many of the clergy chose to tattoo the symbol to their forehead, though this act will neither give nor take away respect from your fellow clergymen.


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