Andol Shire

One of five shires in the kingdom of Bretalon. Andol Shire is a rather small shire, mainly thriving off it’s lumber and coal. It also acts as a defensive stand against barbarian raids from the Wilderlands, though there’s been less of those than in past generations. There’s only one major town in the shire, Andolburg with it’s 2500 residents. The major settlements in the shire are:

Andolburg—2500 population.

Mallyton—350 population.

Shaftsburg—600 population.

Bucear—0 (formerly 500) population.

Pinebluff—450 population.

The main defense against barbarian raids comes from Dorne’s Pass, a fortress housing about 50 soldiers and scouts, and 20 servants and pesants. The landscape is also littered with many smaller settlements consisting of only 3-10 families living in close proximity.

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Andol Shire

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