Character sheets… Sort of…

9. June 2010

Each player now have their stats added to the character pages. It’s not pretty, but at least it’s accessible. So WHY is it so ugly?

Well, it seems the HTML capability of ObsidianPortal is thoroughly lobotomized. All but the basic attributes are disallowed, and that includes the attributes for aligning tables and formating text within tables. But you’ll learn to live with it. :)


8. June 2010

If you’ve dropped by during the day you might have noticed that some of the characters have gotten their own character portraits. Bran, Corwin and Telena to be precice. I’ll work in Alloran and Ronar sometime during this week, perhaps tomorrow. If any of you players have any objections to the choice of picture or any design preferences, please let me know.

Oh, and do feel free to go in and edit the details of your own character. Just press the small sheet-icon right next to your character’s name when on their side. Want to add some backstory? Or perhaps describe some of their quirks and mannerisms? Go right ahead and enjoy yourself. Don’t feel like you have to ask for permission before writing something; If it doesn’t fit with the setting we simply decide together how to change it.


7. June 2010

I’m slowly adding info about the world to the wiki, and will organize it a little better in one of the comming days. Another thing that will arrive there is a character log for each of you, allowing you a place to either jot down any and all miscellanea that you can think of or to write a diary for your character. What you use it for is up to you, but it’s a great way to teel what your character feels about the events suroounding them.

I also urge you to look through the site and add or edit to things where you feel it needs attention. The setting is supposed to be a world you live in, so make sure you make it your world. _

Hello and welcome to the Darkwar Chronicles.

Darkwar Cronicles (DWC) is a homebrewed setting for the D&D 4th edition ruleset. It is a pretty standard fantasy setting, but with a few twists that the players will eventually discover.

Darkwar Chronicles

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